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  • Why Poompuhar is an ideal place when it comes to buying antiques?

    Tamil Nadu Poompuhar is a part of the Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd and it aims to uplift and showcase the talents of Indian craftsmen.

    What do Poompuhar offer?

    Their collections include a lot of designs and statues made from a variety of materials like Bronze, Brass, Copper, White Metal, Black Metal, Wood Carvings, Stone Carvings, Cloth, Leather, Jute and Clay.

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    They also offer paintings, Icons, Kondapalli toys, Meenakari, Kalamkari Purse, Garlands, Thanjavur Art Plate as well.

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    But apart from commonly known materials they also have products using coconut shells, papier mache, oxidized metal and more.

    How can you get these?

    You have to sign up to their website and from then on you will be able to view and choose your choice of gifts from our various products in stock.

    After selecting any product you will simply have to fill in the personal details and make the necessary payments for shipment to be made at your desired location.

    Why should you choose this site?

    • Great selection: They offer curated and hard-to-find products made from the finest materials by the local craftsmen. From this great range, you can search through till you find what you need as they offer something for every preference.
    • Price: The price range from the INR 120 to the highest in lakhs for the life size sculptures and you can choose the one which you think fits best in your budget.
    • More options: As stated above, they offer a wide range of materials to choose from. You can simply click on the type of product and in just a moment you will have a good many options to choose from.
    • Newsletter: You can sign up for their newsletter to keep yourself notified on new arrivals.
    • Easy payment procedure: There are three simple steps for procuring the item you want- Select, Pay and Ship. There is no hassle or hidden taxes. As an added benefit you can pay from the acceptable currencies listed and not just with Indian currency.
    • Search bar: Not only will you get pictures and descriptions, complete with the price tag of new arrivals once you log in to your account but also there will be the option of searching on your own for items that you specifically want. This can be done through the Search Bar positioned at the top of the website.
    • Privacy: All your private information will be kept safe and secure due to the technology used in our website.
    • Questions: Poompuhar believes in customer service and to make the process easier for you, by offering an Inquiry section. Here you will be able to ask any question regarding the product and other issues like shipment and payment. There is also a Feedback section where they would like to hear your reviews as well as complaints so that they can grow better.

    While many websites just talk of delivering quality, Poompuhar actually does so through the materials in their stock. Their aim is not just to promote the Indian art but also to provide customer satisfaction.

  • Creativity and Artisanship are coming together to make homes eco-friendly.

    With the aim of empowering the rural strata of Indian artisans, the government of Tamil Nadu came ahead with a unique platform named Poompuhar. Realising the rising craze of handicrafts in the western world, the Poompuhar team imbibed the core ideas of handicraft training to the rural strata of Indian society. A struggle of about decades has brought Pompuhar to a position where it stands today. Poompuhar is the perfect example of the saying “Effort never dies”.

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    Empowering rural artisans was the motive which brought to life the lost creativity in this section of society. Firstly, Poompuhar emphasised on educating the locals of Tamil Nadu about the handicraft articles. Slowly the team introduced the locals in the process of creating beautiful handicrafts. The training sessions were conducted under the guidance of trained professionals to promulgate the rising importance of handicraft production and export as a source of living for the rural dependents.

    Slowly the rural inhabitants of Tamil Nadu started attending these sessions in huge numbers and gained a thorough understanding of the entire process. The constant and dedicated efforts of the Poompuhar team began owing sweet fruits. Slowly and steadily handicraft production became the identity of locals of Tamil Nadu.

    Now with the handicrafts produced by these rural artisans needed a guiding platform to exhibit their creativity. Poompuhar came ahead with a unified solution to connect the artisans with the nation. It also bridged the gap between the local creativity of Tamil Nadu and the western world. Fair trade practice was the prime objective behind the evolution of the online platform of Poompuhar. Today, it exhibits the rich handicrafts crafted by the poor hands. Moreover, one can say, Poompuhar presents the eco-friendly products by nurturing the creativity of these local artisans.

    The handmade products or the handicrafts are carved out by human hands. It reduces the consumption of energy involved in the manufacturing of the industrial product. Also, the raw materials included in the production of these handicrafts are majorly planted materials which are sustainably harvested. Pine needles, stone carvings, metals, wood carvings are some of the raw materials employed in the handicraft production.

    Handicraft products use is gaining popularity owing to their recyclable materials. As the name suggests, handicrafts are mostly carved out of used materials to raise their allure and worth.

    Introducing the eco-friendly gift ideas which bring the creativity and artisanship together

    Some of the eco-friendly gift ideas are inclusive of the following:

    • Applique Thombai
    • Kalamkari Thombai
    • SandalWood, Yelaka, and Tanjore Garland
    • Antique Finished, polished or 3D printed bronze structures
    • Bowl, Nataraja, Peacock Beed Stone, Uruli and other carved out of Brass
    • Lamp, Hanging Lamp, Deepam carved out of Brass
    • Wooden, Motif Stand
    • Thanjavur Art Plate
    • Wall Hangings, Flower Vases, god and goddesses idols carved out of white metal, black metal, copper
    • Side corners, peacocks, horse, wall hangings, gods and goddesses idols carved out of wood or stone carvings.
    • Wall Hangings, Dolls, Bowls, Antique Carvings, created from Sandalwood or other wood types
    • Thanjavur Paintings of Krishna, Lakshmi, Ganesh and other gods and goddesses.
  • Five nature-friendly gifts you can buy for your loved ones

    Gifting articles are the unique way of saying that you matter to me. We all love gifts. Gifts have the edge to turn our sorrows into joys. It does not need a particular moment to gift something to someone. If the person is valuable to you, your choice of gift makes the moment unique for both of you. Gifting articles have no boundaries. Books, watches, products, smartphones, and so on are the common things to gift someone. If you want to gift a real gift to a special person, handicrafts must be your first pick.

    Handicrafts are the authentic creation gifted by India to the western world. One can say, handicraft products represents the innovation brilliance of local Indian artisans. It is a minuscule way to connect with India’s rich heritage and culture. Since ancient times, handicraft products have been the centre of attraction and a source for empowering the rural strata of the nation. Here are five nature-friendly gifts you can buy for your loved ones.

    Lord Ganesh Panel made from Wooden Carvings: Lord Ganesh is believed to be the symbol of knowledge, intelligence, and wealth. An aesthetic Lord Ganesh panels made out of wood carvings are the perfect fit for your gift article on the auspicious occasions. The Ganesh Panels crafted out of wood carvings are entirely a hand-made product. The carvings of the Ganesh Panels are intricate to raise the overall allure of these auspicious handicrafts. The Ganesh Panels made from the wood carvings are available on Poompuhar. These panels depict a serene portrayal of Lord Ganesh with four hands. One of those four hands is carved out to hold a paasam, whereas the second one contains a mazhu. The panels portray Lord Ganesh in writing pose with a broken tusk.

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    Papier Mache Dancing Dolls: These papier mache dancing dolls are the unique creativity of the Poompuhar artisans. These dolls are praised worldwide since their evolution in India. The bobbing heads and hips are the reasons why the papier mache dancing dolls stand unique even today. The beautifully crafted papier mache dancing dolls makes a perfect fit to gift the younger generations of the modern era. It introduces and connects them with India’s rich cultural heritage and its historical significance. Above all, the papier mache dancing dolls came to birth about ten centuries ago.

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    Thanjavur Art Plate Ashtalakshmi: India culture praises Goddess Laxmi as the symbol of wealth and sophisticated lifestyle. Gifting Goddess Laxmi idol reflects the purity of mind and richness of heart. The Thanjavur Art Plate Ashtalakshmi from Poompuhar are available in a broad range of designs and patterns. It represents the ancient creativity with the modern sophistication.

    Handcrafted Textile Hand Bags: No other gift holds importance as the handcrafted textile handbags. The Poompuhar witnessed the rising craze for the handcrafted textile handbags both within and across the Indian frontiers and started promulgating the same. These handcrafted textile handbags available at Poompuhar are crafted out of natural fibres. The artisanal creativity genius is reflected through the intricate hand-crafted embroidery which raises the allure of these masterpieces.

    Bronze Nataraja from Poompuhar: A Nataraja carved out of bronze metal is the best fit to gift to someone when they enter their new house. Nataraja is the essence of purity and serenity. Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja is a blend of earthly existence and conscious mind. The bronze Nataraja from Poompuhar is 100% hand-made articles with durable nature and intricate detailing.

  • A Glimpse of Tamil Nadu Handicrafts

    If you ever travel to Tamil Nadu, then your trip would be incomplete without acquaintingyourself with the rich and diverse handicrafts of the region.Be it the capital city of Chennai, the surrounding cities of Kanyakumari and Thanjavur or the geographically interesting Kanyakumari, every region in the state has something bright, colourful and original to offer to lovers of art. Poompuhar brings a vast collection of such diverse art to you at one place. You can visit our website at http://tnpoompuhar.org/ and be a proud owner of exceptional artwork crafted by talented artisans.

    Our products are bought to adorn homes not just in India but abroad as well. Some of our bestselling products and materials include –


    Bronze is the most popularmaterialfor art statues or sculptures. It can be used for statues, art pieces, small figurines, designer utility articlesand evenfurniture.  Bronze work is famous around Swamimalai, and Kumbakonam inThanjavur District.

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    Brass Lamps

    Brass lamps are commonly used in Hindu householdsin theprayer room, butmany designs of such lamps are used as decorative items also. These brass lamps are mostly crafted in areas like Sivagangai, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Nachiarkoil, and Kumbakonam in Thanjavur District.

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    Thanjavur Painting

    Tanjore Painting is one of the most famousstylesof traditional South Indian painting. It is the inherent art from the Thanjavur or Tanjore city in Tamil Nadu. It is also be found in Trichy and Chennai.Most of these paintings depict stories related to Hindu Gods, Goddesses and saints.

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    Thanjavur Art Plate

    Thanjavur art plates are the custom metal craft of sophisticated workmanship in Thanjavur. Famous Thanjavur Art plates contain images of goddesses, flora, and fauna or geometric patterns compressed out on copper and silver sheets.

    Shop for this Thanjavur Art Plate - Click Here Shop for this Thanjavur Art Plate - Click Here


    Wood Carvings

    Sandalwood is used because of its religious significanceand it is supposed to be an extremely expensive material for wood artefacts. The wood is refined to create a number of products like God idols, twisted chariots with famous jail work, and home decor items such as paperweights, walking canes, photo frames, small storage cases, and holders and so on. Sandalwood carving art is done in Kallakurichi in Villupuram Districts.

    Sandalwood Carvings

    Sandalwood is used because of its religious significance and it is supposed to be an extremely expensive material for wood arte facts. The wood is refined to create a number of products like God idols, twisted chariots with famous jail work, and home decor items such as paperweights, walking canes, photo frames, small storage cases, and holders and so on. Sandalwood carving art is done in Kallakurichi in Villupuram Districts.


    Lacquerware is an art where objectsare ornamentally decorated with lacquer. Lacquerware has painted or carved pictures which are lacquered for the final touch. Such art can be done on any item like large boxes, crockery, tokens, furniture or even coffins. Ambasamudram in Tirunelveli District is famous for Lacquerware.

    Stone Carving

    In stone carving, pieces of uneven natural stones are designed into a beautiful piece of art by meticulously carving out the extra stone. The initial proof of depictive art is stone carving, for example, temple carvings and historic sculptures.  Stone Carving work mostly comes from Kancheepuram, Namakkal and Coimbatore districts.http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/stone.html

    Papier Mache & Clay Toys

    Papier Mache is an art form containing paper pieces or pulp, occasionally reinforced with fabrics using adhesive like glue, starch or wallpaper paste. Clay art is a traditional art of creating toys, statues, decor pieces using clay. Papier Mache & Clay Toys are famous in Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Chennai, and Kancheepuram.http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/papier-mache-47.html


    Pith is the hard core of a water reed available abundantly in tanks, swamps and lakes. The pith is used for creating the miniatures of famous architectural monuments and daily objects such as Taj Mahal, Perumal Temple, Bullockcart, Temple Chariot etc. This type of art is commonin Thanjavur and Kumbakonam Pudukottai areas.http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/pithwork.html

    Kanyakumari is known for its work in fiber, talipot fiber, screw pine, lace, and embroidery work. Vadaseri, Salem, Trichy, Virudhunagar, Coimbatore are famous for silver and imitation jewellery. These are just someof the productswhich you can browse and buyfrom Poompuhar. There are many other works of arts available and we try to feature as much as work from artisans from all over the state. Enjoy shopping.

  • Thanjavur Art Plate History

    Known for its culture, art, heritage and architecture, the scintillating town of Thanjavur in the state of Tamil Nadu, excel in world’s famous monuments and temples. The centre of attraction of these temples and monuments are Thanjavur Art Plates, jewel boxes and brass bowls. These beautifully carved art plates are further decorated with silver and semi precious stones. They are designed as per the Hindu mythology that is very well reflected in its minute carving .It is the most finest and difficult form of metal craft that involves embossing and engraving small figures on the plate representing Thanjavur royal splendor. The base plate is made up of brass, onto which copper designs are crafted which is then dyed with many lovely colors.

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    The history of Thanjavur art plate can be traced to 18th century. It was first introduced by Rajah Serfoji-II when the Marathas were ruling in Thanjavur.  Rajah Serfoji suggested his artisans to show their talent and make an outstanding piece of metal craft that should be a masterpiece in itself. It was then when the craftsmen first made a Thanjavur art plate to gift it to their favorite king. It was designed using copper, brass and silver. A community called as Vishwakarmas crafted these plates. This community consists of few goldsmiths from Thanjavur. Making Thanjavur art plates became a source of living for the Vishwakarmas. The art of making Thanjavur art plate is inherited where only men are involved. It is now declared as a cottage industry as these fine plates are designed in the houses of craftsmen of Thanjavur. In 2011, at Government museum in Thanjavur, a 20th century Thanjavur art plate was exhibited. The plate consisted of brass, copper and silver in an exceptionally artistic manner. The plate depicted images of Nataraja, sage Pathanjali and Goddess Sivakami standing at the centre of a lotus flower.

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    The blend of silver and copper on Thanjavur art plates impart them an unusual striking beauty that last for years. The final finishing depends on the artisan’s skill and ability. Experienced artists make extremely durable plate that retain its shine and glow for a very long time. A typical Thanjavur art plate has design of deities, flowers, birds and geometric patterns that are usually seen encrusted on brass round plate, cup, pot or tray. The expert team of artisan at the Art Plate Production Center of Poompuhar at Thanjavur works rigorously in manufacturing this intricate piece of handicraft. Browse our website to have a glimpse over an array of such splendid Thanjavur art plates of various designs and shapes.

  • Indian Wedding Gifts bring a surge in orders at Poompuhar

    Weddings in India hold an important place and are celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy. The tradition of marriages in India reflects regional, religious, cultural and traditional diversity of our nation. Indian weddings are never complete without the gifts, and with it come the confusion as to what should be presented to the newly wed couple and the family. If you take a glance over the handicraft collections at Poompuhar you will never be left in any dilemma when it comes to selecting gift items for any occasion.

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    Starting from metal handicrafts to Thanjavur art plates, you would find an array of wonderful gifting items at Poompuhar at reasonable price. Last year Poompuhar received an order of 1300 Thanjavur plates for wedding of a Coimbatore based industrialist’s daughter despite tough competition from corporate companies. This wedding gift order took Poompuhar to new heights and gave a boost to the all over Coimbatore based Poompuhar sale to Rs 3.15 crore. From the rich architectural perspective and scenic beauty of Coimbatore a large number of tourists keep visiting throughout the year. Coimbatore, which organized two outdoor sales and several indoor special sales, last year saw tremendous response for sales of traditional handicraft items in both. Thematic exhibition-cum-sales were organized during the festival season last year here where items worth Rs. 85 lakh to Rs. 90 lakh were being sold. The artisans got a chance to directly interact with the customers in such exhibitions held during festivals like Navrathri, Deepawali etc. This helps them sketch a clear plan about the items in demand and their respective sale, which otherwise are returned back to the organization for sale throughout the year. These exhibitions are also supported by Central Government where the artisans get financial assistance from the government to put up their handicraft stalls at many more such cities.

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    A surge in handicrafts and wedding gifts is taking Poompuhar to new heights in many South Indian cities where the customers and tourists want to buy traditional as well as contemporary hand crafted items to gift their loved ones. A large number of non resident Indians (NRI) visiting Coimbatore during summer holidays have shown special interest in Indian handicrafts and wished to take back some, to their country . Very soon an exhibition will also be organized in Coimbatore especially for foreigners and NRIs very soon by Poompuhar.

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