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  • Amazing Benefits of Exceptional Natural Fiber - Jute

    We all are well aware about the usage of jute bags and jute material these days. Some of you must be thinking that it is some trend of the time to use jute. Well, more than the trend, it’s the need of the hour: jute is an ideal material to replace plastic and curb pollution.

    What is Jute?

    Jute is known as a natural and strongest fiber of the world. It is mainly found and produced in Bengal area that includes the region of India and Bangladesh. The plant of jute grows fully within 5-7 months. It is a flowering plant which grows around 1-4 meters in length. Jute is mainly used to produce ropes, bags, clothes, paintings, file covers, carpets, and accessories like hair clips, hair bands, bracelets, and many more.

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    Let’s discuss the usage and benefits of jute material:

    • It is a natural plant fiber which can be developed and reaped again and again with next to no water required. In this time of water preservation, this is an excellent material for our planet.
    • Jute can be grown with next to no need of synthetic help with the type of compost, herbicide or pesticide, which implies less synthetic substances are discharged into the soil.
    • Jute growing season is around 100 days, providing a good turnover and a steady supply of more fiber.
    • A study reveals that one hectare of jute plants can ingest up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide, an ozone-depleting substance, and discharge as much as 11 tons of oxygen amid the developing season.
    • Jute also helps in renewing the soil supplements and lessens the danger of vermin and sickness, so when crops are turned after jute has been gathered, future plants will be in a healthier environment.
    • There is next to no cost with regards to developing jute since the plant does not require much in the method for manures, pesticides and such, and a little region can turn out a considerable measure of harvest, so jute is ordinarily a production yield and can be extremely cost effective too.
    • As described that jute is a natural fiber which makes it a biodegradable element too, so once it has filled its need it can be treated with soil, or if it winds up in a landfill, it will generally break down with no side effects on the environment.
    • Jute is the fiber which is very comfortable to use like cotton substance. Hence it can also be used for clothing as the material is reusable and provides comfort too.

    Keeping these benefits in mind, Poompuhar offers a variety of jute products to help the environment. Poompuhar is one of the leading manufacturers of jute products in India – a brand which is established under the Tamil Nadu government and is known to promote the quality handicraft work by artisans.

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