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Waste Material Usage at Its Best Only at Poompuhar

Have you ever thought of using waste materials for making beautiful crafts instead of dumping them? Well, most of you think about it but few have that artistic skill to give shape to their imagination. Poompuhar has not only think about it but even applied it by designing wonderful range of painting, sculptures and wall paintings that is sure to struck you by awe.

You can use different types of waste materials like old frames, matchsticks and other sorts of materials for decorating your living room or bedroom. It will not only make you a fashion icon and also allow you to fulfil your responsibility towards environment.

Transforming old fries into fabrics

You can make use of old frames by decorating them with fabrics. At poompuhar you will find that how beautifully they have given a new shape to a worn out frame.

Bring creatures on walls

One needs not to have specialised skills for decorating their home. In fact a minimum knowledge of painting can do. Every one of us have colour paper at our place and do you know that those colour paper can turn you room decor into a masterpiece? You can create butterflies by cutting the papers and paste them on your wall.

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Using Graffiti

There was a time when graffiti’s were not given the status of art but nowadays it is quite in trend. You can arrange graffiti on the walls of your living room. However one needs to have good skills for turning your rooms with graffiti. You can find beautifully designed graffiti at poompuhar.

Transferring Polka dots on walls

We all love to wear shirts with polka dots but have you ever thought of decorating it on your walls.  One can paste different shapes of circles on wall and become a style icon inform of your guests.

Use old furniture for decorating your home

We often get attached to our old furniture or some articles and don’t want to throw them out while renovating your home. If you are recently planning to renovate your home and cannot think about the ways to incorporate old items that are so dear to you.  Get some ideas for using the worn out furniture in your renovated home.

Add new colour: With time colour of furniture fades away and in order to give them a new look you can paint them. However you have to select a colour which is in trend now. In fact you can check out the wonderful range of furniture at Poompuhar.

Combining old and new: One can seek the attention of their guests by keeping a right balance between vintage furniture and contemporary furniture. You can put single vintage item and decorate it with bright clothes and place it amidst new furniture.

Thus, it can be said that you can use old and torn materials for adding a new charm and beauty to your house. You are able to show off your decorative house to your guests and your guest will surely going to fall in love with creative art.

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