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Shivan Antique Finish

Material Used : Zinc,Copper,Gold,Lead,Tin

H x L x W (Inches) : 30x16x12

Weight (kgs) : 90.00

Posture : Sitting

Purpose : Pooja & Decration Purpose

About : Among the Hindu Triad the third and important deity is Lord Siva, the destroyer, to be ever propitiated by sacrifices, praises and prayers. He holds his lower right hand in the pose of Abhaya hastha and lower left hand in varadha hastha. He holds mazhu (the axe) in the right upper hand and the mriga (the deer) in the left upper hand usually. His consort Parvathi (Devi) is also known as Sivakami, Uma, Eswari. The followers of Lord Siva are known as Shaivites

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Shivan Antique Finish

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30x16x12 Inch Bronze Shivan Antique Finish

Rs 350,000.00

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