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12x5 Inch Brass Samprani Stand

Material Used : Brass

H x L x W (Inches) : 12x5,

Weight (kgs) : 500.00,

Posture : Sitting

Purpose : Pooja & Decorative Purpose

About : Samprani (Benzoin resin aka Loban) is a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of a particular species of trees. It is used in perfumes, some kinds of incense, as a flavouring, and medicine (tincture of benzoin). Samprani sticks/blocks are used in a variety of occasions and settings, from daily puja done at home, to temple ceremonies and large festivals, or to begin a new venture. This Samprani stand is a block of metal (brass) upon which a block of Samprani/Loban is burnt. The smouldering embers emit a distinct aroma that lingers all around the home, and is believed to keep evil thoughts at bay. In olden days, Samprani smoke was used to add fragrance to the tress of our ladies. Even today, Samprani smoke continues to add a subtle whiff of divinity to millions of homes every morning. The Samprani stand only requires a gentle cleaning with some mild detergent in order for the leftover soot to be removed and to be brought back to its lustrous glory.

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12x5 Inch  Brass Samprani Stand

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Regular Price: Rs 1,000.00

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