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8x10x3 Inch Oxidised Natarajar

Material Used : Oxidised

H x L x W (Inches) : 8x10x3,

Weight (kgs) : 1,250.00,

Posture : Standing

Purpose : Pooja & Decorative Purpose

About : Lord Siva is known as Nataraja in the cosmic dancing pose. The dance is symbolic of divine realization beyond the realms of the walking dreaming and deep sleep consciousness. As the dancing deity he has four arms delicately poised. The upper right hand carries the 'damaru' (drum) which creates the primal sound causing the creation of the world. The upper left hand makes a half-moon posture called 'Ardha-chandra-mudra' on whose palm bears a tongue of flame symbolizing the destruction of ignorance. The lower hands are held in 'abhaya' and 'varadha' mudras. 'Abhaya mudra' assures freedom from fear and 'Varadha mudra' seeks to extend all benefits.

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8x10x3 Inch Oxidised Natarajar

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Regular Price: Rs 4,100.00

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