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10x8x2 Inch White Metal Natrajar

Material Used : White Metal

H x L x W (Inches) : 10x8x2,

Weight (kgs) : 0.45,

Posture : Standing

Purpose :

About : Lord Nataraja, a metaphorical form of Shiva, is believed to the eternal dancer who breathes life into the cosmos. This craftwork is unique to Tamil Nadu, and each element/component in the figurine is said to symbolize a virtue, the sum total of which describes the characteristics of Lord Shiva himself. Nataraja statues are famous worldwide for their intricate embellishments and ornate designs. This white metal piece is more economically viable and features the same exspressions as the Bronze counterpart.

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10x8x2 Inch White Metal Natrajar

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Regular Price: Rs 1,103.00

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